Wildland firefighting crews continue work to contain the Delta Lake fire in the Superior National Forest. BWCAW closures and fire bans have gone into place due to wildfires in Canada and the Delta Lake fire.

Boreal just announced a new page that will be updated with fire updates, closures, etc from a variety of sources: https://www.boreal.org/pages/update-on-regional-wildfires

If you are traveling to the North Shore or live up here, there is a campfire ban due to drought conditions. This is the most recent fire ban info posted by the Superior National Forest: “Due to dry conditions, fire activity, and limited resources, the Superior National Forest has prohibited campfires in the forest and the BWCAW. Campfires are ONLY allowed in approved fire structures that have been installed and maintained by the Forest Service in SOME Fee Campgrounds, as shown in Exhibit ACampfires are NOT allowed at any BWCAW campsites, backcountry campsites, or rustic campgrounds, even in designated fire rings or grates. Please see Fire Restrictions Order and Exhibit A for more information.”


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