Chill in the Air

The autumn season is winding down and the last of the leaf lookers have left. This is the beginning of the quiet season in Cook County where locals can finally relax after a busy summer.

This property is for sale! MLS# 2309237
This property is for sale! MLS# 2309237

There is still much to see and do out in the woods as the days get colder. With the leaves down,  grouse and deer should be easier to find, and there are still plenty of fish to be had in our many lakes.

We’ve had a great season here at Red Pine, and while things are a little quieter we’re still busy showing and selling. Whether you’re looking for a great piece of hunting property all your own or your north woods dream home, check out our listings and get in touch – we’re here to help you find exactly what you’re looking for!

Summer Fun

There’s nothing like summer in Cook County. Outdoor recreation opportunities seem endless and there’s always a festival or event to enjoy. Skip rocks on the big lake, hike in the woods, catch some walleyes, shop around town, listen to live music, and dine at a fantastic restaurant all in one day – it’s your playground!

Then when you’ve decided you want a little bit of the north woods for yourself, stop by and see us!

Waves of Lake Superior

You never know what kind of weather you’ll get during the month of March in Cook County. One day could bring sunshine, clear skies, and waterfalls. The next, a blizzard and a foot of snow!

These two videos taken outside our building only days apart show how Lake Superior’s mood swings with the weather. It’s never a dull day on the big lake!

During the storm the waves actually hit the building and the door had to be boarded up!


Hunter’s Heaven

The trees are changing color quickly as Mother Nature dips her paintbrush in brilliant red, orange, and gold. The days are shorter, and colder. It’s an exciting time of year – a last hurrah before we settle down for winter. While many people flock to Cook County to check out the spectacular color show, others are traveling the woods in search of something else – ruffed grouse.

Photo courtesy Flickr user Seabamirum

Cook County has a rich hunting heritage with thousands of acres open to the public, but with more hunters in the woods the competition can be frustrating. Imagine owning your own acreage to traverse at your leisure without worry of seeing another flash of orange in the forest. Red Pine Realty has some fantastic, affordable options available for grouse, deer, and bear hunters alike!

The Hovland area is home to some of the best hunting land in the county, and neighbors are generally few and far between.

MLS#6004623 and #6004624 are two beautiful parcels situated near the end of the Arrowhead Trail, together totaling 150 acres. Rugged topography with high ridges and incredible views make this a truly special area, and it’s accessible year round. You can name your own mountain top! Not only that, McFarland Lake is only half a mile up the road.

MLS #6004624

MLS #6003353 is 30 acres around a mountain top with a 180 degree view of distant Lake Superior. This parcel is perfect for deer hunters and wildlife watchers. Trails allow you to walk the entire perimeter. The owner has planted food plots around the property and set up a nice wildlife viewing blind with incredible views.

MLS #6003353

Looking for a reasonably priced 40 acre hunting paradise? Check out MLS #6003593 – remote wilderness and prime hunting territory abutted by thousands of acres of Federal land. MLS #6003811 and MLS #6004659 are also worth a look – both have electricity and broadband access coming in within the next couple years.

MLS #6003593

If you’d like a little more room to stretch your legs (or build some incredible ATV trails), take a look at MLS #6004255 and #6004713, both of which are bordered by public land. MLS #6004073 features a huge pond in the center of the acreage and it’s conveniently located right next door to Tom Lake.

MLS #6004073

You’ll definitely want to take a look at MLS #6004738. The driveway is in place as well as a full base camp set up and ready for you to plan your adventures, including a nice camper trailer and shed. Many trails have been cut through the property’s 43 acres which is bordered by State land, and power is a future possibility. Game cams have photographed moose, bear, and deer.

MLS #6004738
MLS #6004738
MLS #6004738
MLS #6004738

MLS #6003658 features 18 acres full of wildlife, but the biggest draw is the fact that all of the sub-structure for your dream cabin is in place and ready for your ideas, including an insulated and heated slab for a house, an insulated garage slab, electricity, driveway, well, septic system, landscaping and boulders, and 15 cords of aspen. It’s on the grid, yet secluded and private.

MLS #6003658

If you’d prefer a cabin and land all ready to go, MLS #6003580 is your perfect escape. Close to Magney State Park and Lake Superior, this 40 acre property has a small creek with beaver ponds and a well built cabin with a solar electric system, wood stove, full kitchen/bedroom/living area, and a large deck. Another 20 acres is available – MLS #6003581.

MLS #6003580

If you like to hunt and fish, imagine being able to do both on your own property! MLS #6004009 features almost 100 acres on the “front range” of the Farquhar Hills and includes a large creek with excellent trout habitat. Trails run through the property and there are many great building sites.

MLS #6004009

MLS #6004730 is a smaller 13 acre parcel, but the big draw is 300 feet of frontage on the Flute Reed River – a fantastic trout stream.

Looking for the ultimate affordable north woods escape? Don’t miss MLS #6002119, #6002120, and #6002121! These three 40 acre parcels have frontage on Mons Creek and include deeded access to Lost Lake, a private wilderness lake stocked with brook trout by the homeowner’s association. Access is gated for security and privacy.

MLS #6002119
MLS #6002120
MLS #6002121

On the other end of the county in Schroeder we have a listing featuring 80 acres of prime hunting land. MLS #6003804 has a variety of trees and low vegetation, as well as a stream and beaver dam with a large pond. Easy access via Zeke’s Trail divides the two 40 acre parcels.

MLS #6003804
MLS #6003804

If you like the idea of hunting on your own property but don’t want to be too far from civilization, MLS #6004687 and #6004688 are worth checking out. These two 20 acre woodland parcels are full of wildlife and located in the woods between Grand Marais and Lutsen.

Finally, for the hunter or family looking to call Grand Marais “home,” MLS #6004264 is the perfect homestead site. Beautiful views of Lake Superior and Pincushion Mountain, expansive open meadows (great for deer hunting), a flowing creek, and mature timber forest give you many options.

MLS #6004264

Happy hunting!

Peak Color Week

It comes with much anticipation. It leaves (pardon the pun) with much sadness. Its peak color week (or two if we’re lucky) on the maple ridges along Lake Superior’s North Shore. Now’s the time to enjoy the spectacle and brace for the slow onset of a much starker woodland without the canopy of foliage. Still, the late fall yellows of the tamarac set against the evergreen forests lying further inland will last well into late October. Come an enjoy what most of us feel is the best time of year along the North Shore.Mac_fallcolors1


Something is bruin at Red Pine!

IMG_1850 (2)

Is it still a bear market for real estate in Cook County? Maybe this little guy thinks so. This cute black bear cub found his way on shore at the Red Pine beach, then promptly ran up into one of our large spruce trees. Where did he come from and how far did he swim in that cold Lake Superior water?? Apparently someone saw him up the shore at the Best Western, where he was “chased” by kids into the lake. Well, he spent a long day in the trees here outside our office. From his perch in the first spruce tree, he came down and promptly went back into another tall spruce on the other side of the building. Crowds gathered as word got around town, but the little black speck way up the tree was difficult to see. Finally, at about 7:00 PM, he got tired and climbed down hoping to escape and find his family. But, alas, too many people and his celebrity caught up to him, so he was trapped, exhausted and scared. With calm and enticing tones, Sherrif’s Deputy Julie tried for a very long time to coax the little fella close enough to grab him, so he could be taken to safety. But after about 40 minutes he took off running around the building looking for safe escape. Eventually, with no where else to hide, he took to the lake and started swimming out to sea. Eventually he found his way to the tip of Artists Point where hopefully he got a good night’s rest. We’re all awaiting word of his next sighting and hope he finds his mamma!

IMG_0092 (2)

IMG_1813 (2)

IMG_1827 (2)

IMG_1828 (2)

IMG_1835 (2)

Wildflowers at Gunflint Lake


Don’t mow the “weeds” just yet, they may be wildflowers. It’s been kind of a slow spring and early summer, but the grass and weeds are finally getting tall. The lilacs are in full bloom here, even though “down state” they bloomed weeks ago. The road ditches are becoming colorful with daisies and hawkweed coming to life. Lupins are always beautiful this time of year along the shore. Up on the Trail and in the woods are many small beautiful flowers just now showing off their colors. The bunchberry are beautiful with their stark white flower, along with the small starflower, forgetmenots, and the bird-on-the-wing are really gorgeous purple, if you can find them. I found these along the shore of Gunflint Lake.



Ice Out, Dusty Roads, Busy Times

For area Realtors, this time of year is extremely busy. Hope and optimism fill our hearts as we travel the back roads looking at potential new listings and checking on the condition of signs, driveways and looking for winter damage to trees or structures on current listings. This will be the year that we sell that long-listed cabin, or that newly listed property. Surely, the buyers will be excited by new prices and new inventory. So far, so good. The season has brought some new interest and early sales.

For the first time in a number of years the ice is out on the area lakes. We actually had a fishing opener! Running up the Gunflint Trail to list some new properties two weeks ago, it was still winter with frozen lakes and a blanket of new snow. Last week, I had to run back up the Trail to take pictures all over again as the snow was gone and the ice was out. Roads were dusty and the car showed it. This week it’s much needed rain and buds on the trees. Good things are sure to come. There’s a new and uplifting feeling in the air. Or is it pollen and black flies, already….


Endangered Species

Take a close look at the photos attached to this post. There are 3 wolves running up the Arrowhead Trail. They were just “downtown” Hovland harassing some local dogs, when I and the dog’s owner came along on our way home. I caught up to the “pack” that was intent on staying on the road and running full out. The leader is just to the right of the power pole in the first photo. The other two took to the ditch shortly thereafter. The one bringing up the rear looked a bit rough. He may have been in a fight or showing signs of mange.

You’re thinking, wow, what a rare wilderness sighting of such wild creatures. Well, these are the 7th, 8th and 9th wolves that I’ve seen along the highways and byways this winter…so far. I’ve also seen tracks regularly on my own driveway.

Over the past 30 plus years of traveling these same roads, I can remember seeing only a handful of wolves, total. The local deer population is at an all time low, which might have something to do with the number of wolves. I wonder just how “endangered” the timber wolf really is? Certainly, Mother Nature is sorting it all out. But, in the mean time I’d keep a close eye on your family pet.





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