Find Your Hygge

It’s midwinter. The cold never ends and the busy holiday season has faded back to a sense of normality. With long nights and fridgid temperatures, winter in northern Minnesota can be a challenging time of year for a lot of people. In this cool blue season, it’s important to find your Hygge.

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a Scandinavian term used to describe a feeling of coziness, comfort, happiness and togetherness. Hygge is all about wellbeing and feeling whole. Warm spring sunshine is still months away, but Hygge is how you bring warmth to winter, and it’s easy to find.

Who doesn’t love relaxing by a cozy fireplace while the north wind howls outside? That’s Hygge. So is enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal by candlelight, or cuddling up under warm blankets and watching a movie. Hygge is getting together with friends to play games, or enjoying live music at a local hang-out. Anything that warms your heart and makes you happy, whether alone or with others, embodies the meaning of Hygge.

Grand Marais has a Hygge festival during the week of February 9-15 that features a variety of fun activities to bring some warmth to your winter. You can find more information here.

Where do you find your Hygge?