Something is bruin at Red Pine!

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Is it still a bear market for real estate in Cook County? Maybe this little guy thinks so. This cute black bear cub found his way on shore at the Red Pine beach, then promptly ran up into one of our large spruce trees. Where did he come from and how far did he swim in that cold Lake Superior water?? Apparently someone saw him up the shore at the Best Western, where he was “chased” by kids into the lake. Well, he spent a long day in the trees here outside our office. From his perch in the first spruce tree, he came down and promptly went back into another tall spruce on the other side of the building. Crowds gathered as word got around town, but the little black speck way up the tree was difficult to see. Finally, at about 7:00 PM, he got tired and climbed down hoping to escape and find his family. But, alas, too many people and his celebrity caught up to him, so he was trapped, exhausted and scared. With calm and enticing tones, Sherrif’s Deputy Julie tried for a very long time to coax the little fella close enough to grab him, so he could be taken to safety. But after about 40 minutes he took off running around the building looking for safe escape. Eventually, with no where else to hide, he took to the lake and started swimming out to sea. Eventually he found his way to the tip of Artists Point where hopefully he got a good night’s rest. We’re all awaiting word of his next sighting and hope he finds his mamma!

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