Ice Out, Dusty Roads, Busy Times

For area Realtors, this time of year is extremely busy. Hope and optimism fill our hearts as we travel the back roads looking at potential new listings and checking on the condition of signs, driveways and looking for winter damage to trees or structures on current listings. This will be the year that we sell that long-listed cabin, or that newly listed property. Surely, the buyers will be excited by new prices and new inventory. So far, so good. The season has brought some new interest and early sales.

For the first time in a number of years the ice is out on the area lakes. We actually had a fishing opener! Running up the Gunflint Trail to list some new properties two weeks ago, it was still winter with frozen lakes and a blanket of new snow. Last week, I had to run back up the Trail to take pictures all over again as the snow was gone and the ice was out. Roads were dusty and the car showed it. This week it’s much needed rain and buds on the trees. Good things are sure to come. There’s a new and uplifting feeling in the air. Or is it pollen and black flies, already….