Endangered Species

Take a close look at the photos attached to this post. There are 3 wolves running up the Arrowhead Trail. They were just “downtown” Hovland harassing some local dogs, when I and the dog’s owner came along on our way home. I caught up to the “pack” that was intent on staying on the road and running full out. The leader is just to the right of the power pole in the first photo. The other two took to the ditch shortly thereafter. The one bringing up the rear looked a bit rough. He may have been in a fight or showing signs of mange.

You’re thinking, wow, what a rare wilderness sighting of such wild creatures. Well, these are the 7th, 8th and 9th wolves that I’ve seen along the highways and byways this winter…so far. I’ve also seen tracks regularly on my own driveway.

Over the past 30 plus years of traveling these same roads, I can remember seeing only a handful of wolves, total. The local deer population is at an all time low, which might have something to do with the number of wolves. I wonder just how “endangered” the timber wolf really is? Certainly, Mother Nature is sorting it all out. But, in the mean time I’d keep a close eye on your family pet.