Moods of Lake Superior

Moods of Lake Superior are most dramatic in the winter months. Sunrises and sunsets are especially powerful because of the sun’s lower angle which brings it up over the lake, and down behind the Sawtooth Mountains. Clear cold days generate steam fog rising from the lake. On cloudy days with steel-gray sky and lake we often get a short brilliant sunrise or sunset with the sun illuminating the cloud deck from below as it peeks above a clear horizon. Later, we’ll get large sheets of white snow-covered ice floating over large expanses of the lake, which make it appear totally frozen over. A wind shift will push the ice sheet away and expose the open water once again. It’s almost a daily flip flop at times. With storms and waves come ice covered rocks and shoreline from the spray. And, usually later in the winter that ice sheet pushes on shore giving us aqua marine blue piles of ice in large formations along the wind swept shore. It’s a magical canvas of ever changing light and color. Wish you were here…