Holidays and Homes on the North Shore

This time of year, our little harbor town looks quite festive. Our street department crew decorates all light poles in downtown Grand Marais in addition to the businesses sporting their holiday decor. Sales abound with a theme of “shop local.” Grand Marais homeowners decorate their yards and homes with lights and blow-up santas. The public utilities commission runs a contest every year for the “best decorations”, awarded to one special ambitious homeowner. In previous years, I too, would put up a christmas tree and lights. The last year I attempted such feats, I had spent weeks (and possibly months) collecting pink and purple ornaments and lights. Some were even vintage-courtesy of our wonderful local thrift store. I spent a decent amount of time putting up my tree, carefully placing the adornments on the branches. Once finished, I stood back and admired my vintagey pink and purple creation. Worthy of Martha Stewart if I might say so myself. Upon returning home a few days later, I opened the door which was adjacent to my christmas tree. To my dismay, the beautiful tree now had three new ornaments-my cats. Martha Stewart no more.
Flash forward a few years to the first christmas in our new home. Being in rural cook county, there is no need for lights and santas. Our north woods sport their own naturally festive holiday look, including my new property. As I lit a fire in the fireplace that christmas eve, I reflected on how lucky I felt to be enjoying my own brick and mortar home. All the blessings and trials that had brought me to that place.
When you are ready to take the plunge, and make the transition from renting to owning, or are ready to call Cook County home, come on in to Red Pine. Many of us live “over the river and through the woods.” We all have experience in buying and/or building our homes and getaways locally. Whether off grid, or just around the corner, our Agents are a wealth of resources and expertise to make your home-owning dreams a reality. Thinking of listing your property? We will put these same skills to work to acquire you a buyer, all with that friendly, small town manner Cook County residents are known for. Stop by, our coffee pot is always on.