A Commute You Can Live With


Everyone really loves the fact that moose populate the Arrowhead region. Many a tourist has spent countless hours on the infamous Gunflint Trail in the hopes that they might see one of these iconic creatures. Our Red Pine agent Gail Englund lives off the grid on the Gunflint Trail. I have heard countless stories of the exciting wildlife she gets to see on her commute to and from Grand Marais. Yesterday on her way home as she neared a small lake, a large and proud bull moose stood in her way. Gail, being well versed in wildlife watching, slowed to a stop and turned off her engine. As she was digging for her camera, two cows sauntered out from the woods. One cow nuzzled the bull, the other pawed the ground. Were they competing for his attention? As Gail opened the car door to get a better shot with her camera, both cows took off in opposite directions. The bull wandered off as well. Gail continued her drive home, and upon arriving started her evening chore of loading and stacking wood. Realizing later on that the wheelbarrow was still sitting at the bottom of the stairs, she made her way outside to bring it back to the woodpile. Glancing up, she noticed a large dark figure near her salt lick. A bull moose. The same big bull moose she had encountered earlier. As she snuck to her car to grab the camera in hopes of finally getting a shot of the large animal, he took off. Luckily for Gail, she just might get a few more chances to get that picture.


Our only Trick-or-Treater

This was our only trick-or-treater on Halloween. It’s Sherriff Pumpkinhead from Hovland stopping for a visit. He is actually one of our favorite and more eccentric clients, and wishes to remain anonymous. But to be sure, he is our looniest seller…Pumpkinhead