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In the mean time we hope you’re enjoying the snow and holiday season!

Summer Season – Short and Sweet

It’s summer in Cook County and that means festivals, berry picking, agate hunting, paddling and many more outdoor adventures are on the minds of locals and visitors alike.

Our realtors have been busy showing and selling property and the market is still fired up. If you’re looking for your own piece of the northwoods we would be happy to help you make your dream a reality! If you’ve got local property to sell, give us a call for a market analysis.

What are some of your favorite summer activities in Cook County?

Hungry Bears and Birdfeeders

We had a short spring on the shore this year and we’ve been flung right into summer. Everything is green and bright. It’s a great time to escape the heat and come up north! Some days there’s a 20 degree difference between the shores of the big lake and inland. Just make sure to bring some bug spray!

Recently an unexpected visitor showed up for a birdseed snack at our realtors Jack and Sandra’s home. Wildlife in the northland don’t miss any opportunities!

Craving Spring

The snow is melting… slowly. That’s great news if you love winter sports – Lutsen Mountains is enjoying an extra long ski season this year – but most of us are anxiously waiting for waterfall season and green-up to get going.

The last Lake Superior ice burgs of the season?

Something else to look forward to is the fun new Grand Marais festival called Kites at the Harbor. There will be kite making for kids and professional kite flying demonstrations (weather willing!). It is set to take place during the first weekend in May. You can see more here:

Our realtor Larry has found a great way to pass the time and get creative during the annual thaw – photographing melting ice. What do you see in these natural sculptures?

Get your mud boots ready!

Find Your Hygge

It’s midwinter. The cold never ends and the busy holiday season has faded back to a sense of normality. With long nights and fridgid temperatures, winter in northern Minnesota can be a challenging time of year for a lot of people. In this cool blue season, it’s important to find your Hygge.

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a Scandinavian term used to describe a feeling of coziness, comfort, happiness and togetherness. Hygge is all about wellbeing and feeling whole. Warm spring sunshine is still months away, but Hygge is how you bring warmth to winter, and it’s easy to find.

Who doesn’t love relaxing by a cozy fireplace while the north wind howls outside? That’s Hygge. So is enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal by candlelight, or cuddling up under warm blankets and watching a movie. Hygge is getting together with friends to play games, or enjoying live music at a local hang-out. Anything that warms your heart and makes you happy, whether alone or with others, embodies the meaning of Hygge.

Grand Marais has a Hygge festival during the week of February 9-15 that features a variety of fun activities to bring some warmth to your winter. You can find more information here.

Where do you find your Hygge?

Winter Wonderland

Snow on the ground and ice on the lakes means winter is here in the northland. While some folks prefer to hibernate the long cold season away tucked up next to a crackling fire, there’s plenty of fun to be had out and about for adventurous, hearty souls. Check out for all kinds of ideas! Please enjoy these wintery photos taken by Red Pine Realty staff and have a wonderful holiday season!

Grand Marais is much quieter this time of year!

Storm Season

An early season storm has brought snow, wind and waves to the Northland. The water is high this year, which means the waves are extra big. Our building has taken some damage and some landscaping items are buried in the beach. Never a dull moment with the big lake at the door!

Waves and Ice

March weather is always unpredictable in Northern Minnesota. This year we’ve had beautiful days with temperatures in the low 50s as early as February, but the chill is back with high winds and thermometers dipping below zero once again. This week we saw some impressive waves come into Grand Marais from the south, leaving a beautiful and dangerous coat of ice on everything along the harbor.

Stay warm out there! Spring will be here soon.




Goose, Goose, Duck

These three comrades, a pair of Canada geese and a mallard drake, have taken up residence on our East Bay beach instead of flying south this winter. Once in a while one will disappear from the crew, but they always show up together the next day – in all weather!











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